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Shopping for insurance is not fun.

Do you ever feel like buying insurance has become so complicated that finding the best carrier and coverage simply takes too much of your time? Most people just give up and go on for years paying too much for too little. Many agents and carriers use this to their advantage.

And after you buy your policy, have you had one of these experiences?

"Your company offers you a great initial rate, but then it goes up by hundreds of dollars every year, even though you don’t have any claims."

"You have a simple question or request concerning your policy and have to navigate a 10-tier phone tree before talking to a human who is unhelpful."

"You have an accident or loss, only to discover that your policy excludes the right coverage."

The average U.S. insurance consumer pays too much money for too little coverage and poor service. We believe that customers should no longer tolerate this.

We are not your average insurance agency.

We operate with a set of core values to ensure our customers come first:

We will not compromise ours for any reason - not to make more money and not to make a sale.

We provide our services with absolute integrity.

We will explain the options in plain English and make sure that every customer has the right coverage to meet his or her individual needs.

We encourage our customers to rethink everything that’s “normal” about insurance.

The average American overpays for insurance because shopping is such a complicated hassle.

As an independent agency, we represent a variety of companies and make it easy for consumers to save real time and money.

You may even forget that we’re in the business of insurance.
Mission accomplished.

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